Weaving at Home with Amanda Holstein

I love photographing people in their home environments. There is something about people being in the environment of their daily routines that makes these sessions so comfortable and relaxed. I love the quiet surroundings and lack of distractions. You wouldn't be able to tell from these photographs, but I pretty much took off my shoes and made myself at home moving from the floor to the couch over and over again. 

I've had the opportunity to shoot Amanda in her dreamy Russian Hill studio a few times now and most recently shot her while weaving interior decor. I love the cool tones of her home with DIY artifacts that really give it that personal touch. Every time I shoot with her I always have multiple questions about where she finds different pieces around her home.

Amanda runs Advice from A Twenty Something, a blog with an advice column and so much more. These photographs were for a partnership she had with Skillshare, which is an online community with thousands of classes to learn all types of skills like weaving. After hearing about their site through Amanda, I spent some time browsing through their classes and I'm looking forward to trying out some of their photography courses. I normally use Creative Live for learning photography, but I'm excited to see how it compares.